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Learning about birds, part 1

Learning about birds at Colorado Springs nature kindergarten forest school nature preschool in Palmer Lake

Learning about nature and developing closer connection with it is one of our fundamental goals as a forest school or nature kindergarten. So we dedicated the month of January to learning about birds and it was such a hit with the children so I wanted to share with you what we did in this past month.

It was a slow-paced and fun learning block stretched over the entire month of January to give the children plenty of time to connect with it, absorb the new knowledge and enjoy all the activities we had prepared as a part of it. To keep learning fun and engaging without taking away much time from children’s free and active play we always try find ways to carry out our lessons and activities both indoors and outdoors. The learning blocks are brief (5-10 minutes at the most) and occur few times throughout the day, incorporating either a story, a game, or arts and crafts project.

As we ended up covering a lot of ground, I thought it would be best to separate this topic into 3 separate posts. Here is part 1.

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Beautiful autumn inspired books for children

Gerda muller books

Hello forest school families and friends, it’s been a while since I managed to find time to add a post to our blog. The things at the school have been incredibly busy. In addition to the usual daily whirlwind of things we also got baby chickens and so the pressure is on to finish that chicken coop! We set up and planted a large flower garden which we need to water daily by hand since we don’t have an automated system in place yet. We also created 2 large strawberry beds and planted few more berry bushes (also all watered by hand with a bucket as it is too far from the spigot 😅). And we had our Summer Farewell party last Friday at the school which was most magical. I hope I get a chance to share some really beautiful photos with you soon!

Children autumn inspired books

But as we said our farewells to this wonderful summer and set our eyes and hearts towards the change of season I wanted to share with you some very beautiful autumn inspired books. The original post about these books is on my personal blog about sustainable living where you can see many more photos and read about why we love these books.

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