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Learning about animal tracks with children — what worked and what didn’t

learning animal tracks with children outdoor learning activities at the forest school

At the end of February after 2 months of learning about African Wild Dogs it felt like the kiddos were ready for a new topic to learn about. They still very much loved playing with our African Wild Dog stuffies and vet and ranger supplies, but yet it felt like their minds were ready for something new to learn about and absorb. So at the end of African Wild Dog learning block we had a little graduation and our aspiring rangers “flew” on our make-believe airplane-log back to their home base in United States. And so I thought learning about animal tracks would be a logical new topic to learn about, as what rangers don’t need that particular skill, right?

Learning about animal tracks however didn’t click with the kids from the first go. But I was determined to find a way to interest them in it. And so I kept trying few different approaches to find the one that would click. Eventually I got there!

Even though, there are a lot of beautiful supplies and curriculums out there, but they are of no use if we as parents or teachers do not find a way to interest our children in them. And getting there often takes more than one attempt before one succeeds. ๐Ÿ™‚

And so I thought in this post to share with you the process of fine-tuning and tweaking of our learning projects that we go through in order to establish the connection that will engage the children, make it fun and enjoyable learning adventures.

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Our weekly rock climbing classes

Colorado Springs forest school nature kinder garden outdoor enrichment program and rock climbing for children

We are very excited to announce that we have added weekly rock climbing classes to our forest school program. It has been a dream of ours for some time. All of out students have always been so excited for any opportunity to climb โ€” be it on a boulder, a log or a tree branch. And climbing onto things is often mentioned as one of their favorite moments of the day when they return home.

So after figuring out few logistics, I’m very excited to make rock climbing a new weekly activity in addition to our other exciting activities. The rock climbing is done under the supervision and instruction of professional rock climbing guides.

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Slackline in the school yard

Colorado Springs outdoor kids program forest school daycare

We wanted to quickly share with you a few pictures from the latest addition to the school’s outdoor space — the slackline! It’s been an absolute hit with kids of all ages. From the youngest to the oldest they just can’t keep away from it.

We highly recommend adding one to your home or daycare center. They are inexpensive and easy to set up. You can choose the height off the ground that you would like the ropes to be, as well as the length. It takes up less space than a trampoline, but can be just as much fun and challenging for balance. All you need is 2 strong trees or poles. We got ours at the Magic Cabin online store.

We also have some lovely videos on our Instagram account. You can find them pinned in Highlights, under School Premises.

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