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Colorado Springs nature kindergarten forest school preschool

COVID-19 update

Program schedule and hours might be affected by changed state regulations due to COVID-19.

Program details

Children ages

This program is available for 4-8 years old.


  • Mondays:

    Ages 4-8 years old, hours 8:45am to 2:15pm.

  • Tuesdays:

    Ages 4-8 years old, hours 8:45am to 2:15pm.

  • Thursday:

    Ages 4-8 years old, hours 8:45am to 2:15pm.

Requirements for participation:

  • Child has to be fully potty trained. We understand occasional accidents may happen.
  • Children participating in 4+ group should be comfortable hiking and caring a backpack with their water bottle and snack.
  • Appropriate outdoor gear — nothing fancy, but good backpack that stays on, good comfortable shoes and seasonally-appropriate gear.
  • A child should be ready to follow our safety rules and rules of mutual respect.

Program for ages 4-8 years old:

  • Hike (3-4 hours) with plentiful breaks for snack, rest, climbing and exploring.
  • Lunch
  • Free play alternating with group games and short nature-based learning blocks. All learning blocks are very brief (about 10-15 minutes each), some done on an individual basis and some as a group. Learning blocks alternate with free play and physical games.

    To see examples of our activities follow us on Instagram or check these posts on our blog.

Colorado Springs nature kindergarten forest school preschool

Program for ages 2.5-4 years old — COMING SOON:

  • Free play and exploration. This includes, but not limited to walks, play in the creek, building of structures and simple team-building games.
  • Lunch
  • Brief post-lunch class dedicated to learning about nature. The class could include a story time, discussion of a page from a book, playing a game, coloring, drawing, or a craft.
  • Free play and exploration
Colorado Springs nature kindergarten forest school preschool

Weekly rock climbing class for all ages

Colorado Springs outdoor enrichment program rock climbing for children

In addition to our hikes and free play in the mountains we also hold weekly rock climbing classes. The rock climbing classes are available as a part of our forest school program. Rock climbing is lead by professional certified rock climbing guides.

Rock climbing schedule alternates between Mondays and Thursdays in order to give all children an opportunity to participate regardless of their scheduled days.

See what we do

Probably the best way to see what we do during our program is to follow us on Instagram, where we share photos almost daily. And also our blog, where we share photos from recent events at the forest school as well as our learning activities.

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