On this page we answer the most common questions we get. We also have detailed information about the program at each of our locations on their respected pages.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Schedule and location

  1. Is this a summer camp or year around program?

    We are a year around forest school! We are out exploring and hiking 3 days a week, every week of every season!

    Our enrollment commitment is based on seasons — summer, fall, winter and spring. In other words, your child is welcome to be a part of our forest school program year around, or just for a chosen season, providing there is availability.

  2. What are the days and hours of operation?

    Please see Colorado Springs location and Palmer Lake location for the schedule in those locations.

  3. Do I have to sign up for all days the program is offered on or can I only sign up my child for 1 or 2 days a week?

    You are welcome to sign up your child for just 1 day a week, or 2 or take all available days. We just ask for consistent schedule.

    In our experience having at least 2 days is ideal, as it helps the child to bond better with the other kiddos.

  4. Where is the forest school program located?

    We have 2 locations — Colorado Springs location and Palmer Lake location.

    Our Colorado Springs location remains open during COVID-19 and most commonly takes place in Cheyenne Canyon or Red Rocks Open Space.

    Our Palmer Lake location will re-open in late Spring 2021.

  5. Age and other requirements

  6. What is the age of children accepted at the forest school?

    We believe that mixing children of different age groups as much as possible helps children to learn more from each other and develop in more holistic and community-oriented way.

    Currently we accept children 4-8 years old as we do a lot of hiking and younger children have difficulty keeping up.

    However, we are working towards adding a day specifically for the younger children ages 2.5-4 years old. Once that becomes available we will send out an announcement by email and also announce it on our Instagram page.

  7. Potty training and accidents

    Child has to be fully potty trained. We understand occasional accidents may happen.

  8. Caring of own backpack

    Children participating in 4+ group should be comfortable hiking and caring a backpack with their water bottle and snack.

  9. Appropriate gear

    Appropriate outdoor gear — nothing fancy, but good backpack that stays on, good comfortable shoes and seasonally-appropriate gear.

  10. Willingness to follow basic rules

    A child should be ready to follow our safety rules and rules of mutual respect.

  11. Program operation

  12. Do forest school instructors have First Aid CPR training?

    We do. Our First Aid CPR training is always up to date and is refreshed regularly.

  13. How much time children spend outside?

    During COVID-19 pandemic our 5.5 hour program in Colorado Springs location takes place exclusively outdoors.

    Please see the page for our Palmer Lake location for details on its schedule once that location re-opens.

  14. What makes this a Forest School?

    The entirety of our Colorado Springs 5.5 hour program is spent in the beautiful Colorado outdoors. We hike, we climb, we play in the creek and we learn about animals and plants and nature at large.

  15. Do children go outside in cold weather?

    We believe there is no bad weather, but only bad gear. We are outdoors year around and we stay warm with a lot of movement, hot beverages and lunches and of course proper winter gear.

    We are happy to recommend our most loved outdoor brands for children. These brands make excellent products that keep kids warm and comfortable.

  16. What is COVID-19 mask policy?

    Our mask policy follows State requirements. Currently masks are not required while outdoors. We also follow group size limit and other regulations set by the State in respect to COVID-19.

  17. Water, snack and lunches

    Each child brings in their own snack, lunch and water bottle with water. During the summer we also have a large water bottle to refill children’s personal bottles.

  18. How do we manage personal hygiene in the forest

    We bring natural liquid soap, water bottle and clean hand towels with us on every hike. This way we can always wash hands with soap when we need to.

  19. What about bathrooms?

    We follow Leave No Trace approach when it comes to bathroom needs. See this REI article.

    In Red Rocks Open Space there is also a porta potty available in the parking area.

    Should children require any assistance (which is especially common in cold seasons with all the layers) we are happy to aid as needed as long as child requests it and is comfortable about it.

Enrollment and reservation

  1. How to enroll?

    Please fill out this form to be added to our waiting list. Or you may send us an email with your details.

    The way we do our wait list is when spots are going to open up we send out an announcement letting folks know. The announcement email will give all the details on what will be available and how to reserve desired days.

    Although we try to do our best answering all the questions and emails, naturally our priority is providing best experience to the children currently enrolled on the program. So if you don’t hear from us, please know your interest is important to us and the lack of communication from us is for no other reason than lack of time.

    If you don’t hear from us, please always feel free to nudge us by email, text or Instagram DMs.

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