1. What is the school’s schedule?

    Please see our Program and Activities page for this information.

  2. What is the age of children accepted at the forest school?

    We strongly support mixing children of different age groups as much as possible as we believe it helps children to learn more from each other and develop in more holistic and community-oriented way. Please see our Program and Activities page to determine which days would be most suitable for your child’s age group.

  3. Where is it located?

    We have 2 locations — a Colorado Springs location and a Palmer Lake location. Our Colorado Springs location remains open during COVID-19. Our Palmer Lake location will re-open in Spring 2021.

  4. How much time children spend outside?

    During COVID-19 pandemic our 5.5 hour program takes place exclusively outdoors.

    Our Program and Activities page gives a better sense of the outdoor time spent on different days, as well as the activities offered to children to participate in.

  5. Is this a summer camp or year around program?

    We are a year around forest school! We are out exploring and hiking 3 days a week, every week of every season!

  6. What makes this a Forest School?

    The entirety of our Colorado Springs 5.5 hour program is spent in the beautiful Colorado outdoors. We hike, we climb, we learn about local animal and plants.

    Please see our Program and Activities page for more information.

  7. Do children have to go outside in cold weather?

    We believe there is no bad weather, but only bad gear. We are outdoors year around.

Real Red Riding Hoods forest school
Colorado Springs, CO

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