1. What is the school’s schedule?

    Please see our Program and Activities page for this information.

  2. What is the age of children accepted at the forest school?

    We strongly support mixing children of different age groups as much as possible as we believe it helps children to learn more from each other and develop in more holistic and community-oriented way. Please see our Program and Activities page to determine which days would be most suitable for your child’s age group.

  3. Where is it located?

    Typically, our forest school is located in the town of Palmer Lake, CO. Just few minutes from the center of town. Palmer Lake is located just North of Monument and about 15 minutes North of Air Force Academy Northgate, Colorado Springs.

    However, as of August 2020, due to various trail restrictions in Palmer Lake we chose to move our program to a Colorado Springs location in order to continue providing children best outdoor experience.

  4. How much time children spend outside?

    We hope children spend majority of their time at the school outside. However, we take children’s mood into account and if they don’t seem to be enjoying it on a particular day, due to some circumstances like it being too cold, we do not push it and allow them to choose activities inside instead. That being said, the intention is to have children being outside as much as possible.

    Our Program and Activities page gives a better sense of the outdoor time spent on different days, as well as the activities offered to children to participate in.

  5. Do children also work on academics or arts?

    We believe that childhood and play has tremendous value for every child’s healthy and balanced development. And that different children are ready for things such as reading, writing or counting at different ages. While some children may be interested and wanting to learn to read at 2 years old, other may not be interested or developmentally ready till 6.

    That being set we do design and implement with children learning curriculums, that are both Waldorf and nature inspired. Waldorf approach to early childhood education is a great inspiration to us and we use Waldorf blocks approach in planning of our learning curriculums.

    Learning occurs both indoors and outdoors, through story time, games, crafts and other activities.

    Children also have regular opportunity to participate in various craft projects, which we try to thematically tied with the current curriculum.

    Please see our Program and Activities page for more information.

  6. What makes this a Forest School?

    We incorporate forest explorations into daily school activities, as the beautiful Colorado wilderness is both part of school’s premises and all around it. We are also fortunate to own a charming cabin right at the edge of a beautiful forest with hiking trails. We use the cabin to expand our schedule and offer full day schedule on Tuesday and Thursday including nap time for the youngest children. Please see our Program and Activities page for more information.

  7. Is this a Christian school?

    No, our curriculum does not include any religious aspects, as we believe religion is something that is very personal to each family.

  8. Do children have to go outside in cold weather?

    We believe there is no bad weather, but only bad gear. That being said we understand that on some cold days children may not want to spend as much time outside. We work within their comfort zone to keep outdoors fun and enjoyable.

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