History, Nature and Creative Expression HSE

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming curriculum for a new program, offered in partnership with 5 Acre Woods, for the 2024/2025 school year!

This new program features a captivating journey through world history from the Fall of the Western Roman Empire to Queen Elizabeth. Our engaging approach includes making capes, exploring Ancient Celts, acting out Beowulf, learning Chinese calligraphy, and embodying Maori Warriors, among other immersive activities. These hands-on experiences enrich our understanding of history, geography, and literature, making them feel vivid and relevant.

In our science program, we foster curiosity and wonder through hands-on experiments in botany, herbology, and zoology.

Our Creative Expression block celebrates Visual and Performing Arts with theater, filmmaking, drawing, watercolors, handicrafts, baking, and music, allowing us to appreciate and experience their beauty.

Curriculum summary

Each day on our 3rd-8th Grades program includes:

  • History Lesson
  • Geography
  • Group Singing
  • Science Lesson
  • Art Appreciation or Expression
  • Generous Time in Freeplay Outdoors

Daily Rhythm:

  • Circle Time: Time to connect with each other through singing, map work, and movement. With occasional activities such as show and tell, breathing, meditation, and team building.
  • Main Lesson Block – History: This block covers our history lesson and activity. It includes reading aloud and activities based on what we are learning. Each week, we review what we’ve learned in previous weeks. We incorporate games, acting, arts, crafts or other kinesthetic methods of learning to make it come alive for children.
  • Snack and Outdoor Recess: We know it’s important for kids to have free time together outdoors, and we aim to provide approximately an hour of outside free play each day.
  • Lunch During lunch we transition to the science/nature portion of our day. We will often show the students a short video related to what we’re learning in science while they’re eating lunch.
  • Main Lesson Block – Science/Nature: This is our second block of the day where we learn science through hands-on activities, art, experiments, creating models and other group projects.
  • Focus Time – Creative Expression We set aside time each day for the finer things in life such as poetry, tea time, an artist, a composer, and expanding on our larger capstone projects for the semester such as creating costumes, filmmaking, and other visual and performing arts.
  • Closing Circle and Clean Up Our last portion of the day ends with Clean Up and then a final Circle Time.

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