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Enriching your child’s journey: Uniting music, arts, science, and peer connections

Colorado Springs Music Arts and Science Homeschool Enrichment

Now offering State funded tuition for 2023-2024!

Get up to 2 days on our programs under State funding. Private tuition option also remains available.

Our Music, Arts, and Science program, tailored for Kindergarten through Grade 4, offers an engaging day of homeschool enrichment activities. Here, children embark on a journey of learning musical instruments, exploring the world through science lessons, and engaging in hands-on art projects to reinforce their newly acquired knowledge.

Grade Levels and Schedule:

At the heart of our homeschool enrichment program lies a harmonious blend of music, arts, and science. Our schedule is designed to cater to various grade levels:

  • Kindergarten – 1st Grade: Mondays, 8:45am-2:45pm
  • 2-4 Grade: Thursday, 8:45am-2:45pm

Join us on these inspiring days to enrich your child’s educational journey!

Activities and curriculum

Our curriculum places a strong emphasis on natural sciences, such as introductory physics and chemistry, geography, anatomy, botany, and zoology. Art projects are thoughtfully aligned with science endeavors, ensuring a holistic learning experience

As the day unfolds, children engage in a balanced rotation of the following activities, ensuring a well-rounded and dynamic experience:

  • Embrace joyful moments of free play with friends
  • Unite in lively group team games
  • Science and Art group lessons that seamlessly merge project-based learning, allowing art and science to complement each other.
  • Discover the world of music through individual or group music lessons. Our accomplished music instructor, a professional multi-instrumentalist musician and composer, guides your child in their chosen instrument journey, be it piano, guitar, or ukulele.

    Private lessons offer flexibility, while group lessons provide a vibrant atmosphere for shared growth and enjoyment. Your child’s preference is our priority. Private lessons are optional.

Curriculum Details

For the 2023-2024 school year, you can find the curriculum breakdown here:


Our homeschool enrichment program unfolds within the Palmer Lake schoolhouse, conveniently accessible within a 25-30-minute drive from areas like Briargate, Rockrimmon, Cordera, and Wolf Ranch. Additionally, it serves as a great hub for families residing in Monument, Larkspur, and Perry Park.

Nestled against the forest, our charming schoolhouse stands just a short walk away from the Reservoir trailhead and Monument Creek. It’s a dedicated space used exclusively for our program’s purpose.

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