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Colorado Springs forest school nature kindergarten

I’m very excited to finally get a chance to post about our new school sign. It’s been in the works for close to a year, as I had a very specific vision and it took time and finding the right people to make it come to life. But at the end it turned out so beautifully and it reflects the school’s ethos very accurately.

Creating the sign

Colorado Springs forest school nature kindergarten

I worked on creating the sign as the side project, so the overall process took a long time. I started on the process back in August 2019. I wanted a beautiful wooden carved sign for the school with our logo on it. After some search I can across this wonderful company “Foxwood Signs” whose work was exactly what I envisioned. However, it turned out that it would not be possible to transfer our original logo, as it was a custom watercolor painting. So the next step was to get the logo re-created in a format workable for the sign carving process.

Fortunately I already knew a great logo design artist I have worked with before on numerous projects. I also decided to take this opportunity to update our logo a little bit to better reflect the school’s spirit. 🙂 I wanted the logo to show the children running through the woods with their animal friends, which for us of course were the wolves and an eagle.

Colorado Springs forest school nature kindergarten

The logo artist did such wonderful job creating the art per my vision. And thankfully, he was very patient with me through the process as I had a loooooot of minor tweaks to make it just right! 🙂

Fast forward to January 2020 and we were back to chatting with Scott from Foxwood Signs about the next step for our sign. After few preliminary design sketches we realized that my new logo was looking a bit too crowded on the sign. So we reduced the group down to just two children and one wolf. Kept the eagle of course 🙂 Now, it was perfect! And so at last, after a few months and a lot of emails Scott had the green light to start carving our sign.

New logo watercolor art

Now that the sign carving was underway I wanted to have a watercolor version for our new beautiful logo. In the past I’ve already worked with the wonderful Anna on our original logo 2 years ago and fortunately she was available to create a new version for our logo this time again.

Here you are can see the few steps of Anna’s creative process, including the lovely models 🙂 .

Colorado Springs forest school nature kindergarten

Thanking the artists

I wanted to express my deepest gratitude to all wonderful artists who have worked with me throughout this process. Their talent, professionalism, and not least of all patience with me made it possible to bring my dream to life.

Colorado Springs forest school nature kindergarten Colorado Springs forest school nature kindergarten

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