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A simple forest craft with fall leaves

crafts with fall leaves for children


If you are looking for a beautiful craft with fall leaves to do with children I got a wonderful little art project to share with you. It is a rather simple, but very beautiful forest craft. And it requires minimal supplies that don’t come from the forest, and could be easily done in an outdoor setting.

Over at our school cabin we usually have various logs and old branches left from pruning of the trees, or from dead old trees that got taken down. I had a stash of slices from an old aspen trunk and this craft was a perfect use for them. If you would like to try this craft, but do not have a slice of wood handy, you can use a piece of cardboard from one of your latest Amazon shipments. 🙂

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Fall leaves crafts for children

fall leaves crafts for children

With the hot and dry weather conditions it seems like the leaves started turning colors early this year. And as leaves that started changing colors will fall off shortly anyway, we feel collecting them for crafts doesn’t go against “Leave no trace” philosophy that we try to instill in children.

This past week we collected some very beautiful yellow leaves on our hike. I wanted to share here few simple little art projects we did using those leaves that the children loved. The projects could be done both while on a hike or nature walk, or at home/classroom. The only thing that wouldn’t work out in the forest is glueing the sticks as they require a hot glue gun. But the sticks could be substituted with grass stems, as those tend to be straight and smooth.

Outdoors or indoors

fall leaves crafts for children

This week we did 2 version of crafts using leaves — one was just laying out leaves into different patterns while on our forest hike. And the other one we did once we returned to our school cabin and had paper and glue available to us. I think next time I’m going to bring kids nature journals with us and a bit of glue, so we can make a few leaf pictures right into their nature journals during a break on a hike.

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Beautiful autumn inspired books for children

Gerda muller books

Hello forest school families and friends, it’s been a while since I managed to find time to add a post to our blog. The things at the school have been incredibly busy. In addition to the usual daily whirlwind of things we also got baby chickens and so the pressure is on to finish that chicken coop! We set up and planted a large flower garden which we need to water daily by hand since we don’t have an automated system in place yet. We also created 2 large strawberry beds and planted few more berry bushes (also all watered by hand with a bucket as it is too far from the spigot 😅). And we had our Summer Farewell party last Friday at the school which was most magical. I hope I get a chance to share some really beautiful photos with you soon!

Children autumn inspired books

But as we said our farewells to this wonderful summer and set our eyes and hearts towards the change of season I wanted to share with you some very beautiful autumn inspired books. The original post about these books is on my personal blog about sustainable living where you can see many more photos and read about why we love these books.

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