Young Explorers

Outdoor program for children Colorado Springs

• Ages: 6-11 years old

• Monday 8:45pm – 1:45pm

• No minimum attendance requirement

• For pricing scroll to the bottom of the page

We are excited to launch our afternoon program for slightly older children in addition to our existing Little Wildlings program in the first half of the day for younger children (more information here).

As with all our programs we do not have any minimum required attendance and your child is most welcome at our forest school a few times a week, or just once a week or even once a month. Whatever works best for your family. We do ask for some regularity as it helps children to bond better.

Exploring, learning
and making friends

The Little Explorers program is an outdoor program for children ages 6-11 years old aimed at providing outdoor time for children with ample time for free play and exploration as well as some guided activities aimed to teach about nature, its inhabitants and their behaviors, as well as some basic survival skills.

Outdoor program and hiking groups for children Colorado Springs

The program will include:

  • Hikes in the beautiful Palmer Lake region
  • Identifying plants
  • Learning about different animal tracks and what to do in case of a meeting with a large animal
  • Learning to distinguish different bird calls
  • Basic camping skills: setting up tent, heating up water, preparing basic meals
  • Basic survival skills: basic first aid, purifying water, using a compass, building a shelter
  • Team building exercises
  • Nature journaling and crafts


• program tuition — $40 per child per day

Outdoor program and hiking groups for children Colorado Springs

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